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How Can You do Survey With Qsurvey New Android App

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E2e Infotel analysis Pvt. Ltd launched Qsurvey application wherein one can post their survey followed by the end user response coupled with real time trending. The application consists of surveys based on the topics of our day to day lives, ones business centric, product centric or one can imagine off & covering all sectors of economy to politics to nature. Qsurvey application helps evaluate and analyse the interest and opinion of the masses within minutes can be used across geographies and language provided the device support particular language. 

The categories can be defined and refined dynamically based on ones requirements to capture one’s opinions which can be relied upon basis recent trend wherein the exit polls to surveys are coming on the opposite pole of the expectation.

The questionnaire development to deployment to provisioning is very simple supported with timer mechanism.

Follow these steps : -

1. Go to this link ( Qsurvey ) download and Install the app.

2. Register with your mobile number , DOB and Name 

3. Choose  the topic and start the survey !

 " Note: Personal details are not  to share with anyone. Its confidential "

You can follow  our news blog ( ) where you get enough information about running news.

Hey! Can you guess right – across domains Cricket, Politics, Finance, Lifestyle - Download Qsurvey Applications?

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Qsurvey applications are for people who believe in sharing their views and opinion across different spheres of life. Qsurvey provides real-time survey where one can find out ongoing trend across various segments.
There is crucial Cricket match between India/NZ today and QSurvey can make it more exciting by sharing your prediction based on your response to the survey.

Share your views regarding your favorite players viz MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh. Take part in QSurvey International Domain and share your opinion on hot topics like US Presidential Election. Share your opinion that who will be the winner - Hillary Clinton or Donald trump and its impact on world economy.

For people who are interested in Indian Politics, share your opinion and thoughts.

Please download it from: Qsurvey

All Of Us Need Life Insurance Coverage

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Life insurance coverage is one of those things that ought to be organized by all who are able to afford it. There are plenty of reasons why but the main one is that it's going to help you to take care of your family. Here is how it works.

Whenever you sign a life insurance plan you are going to have to specify some beneficiaries. These are the people you would like to benefit from the payout of the life insurance coverage when you pass away. What this means is that when you pass on to the next world your life insurance policy will pay out the predetermined amount to the people you have given as beneficiaries. They will be able to utilize this money for anything they desire.

The most common individuals to name as beneficiaries are the close family. This would generally imply your partner and kids. This is because it is these folks that depend on your income to get from month to month. When you pass on your earnings will be lost to them and they'll either need to find a way to replace it or lower their standard of living to accommodate the lower income. This might mean that your kids will not be able to get tertiary education and further themselves to the very best of their ability.

You do need to remember that a life insurance plan will seldom shell out within a couple of days of your death. This is because the insurance coverage company that underwrote your plan may wish to be absolutely sure that the way you passed on did not violate any of the conditions and terms of your agreement with them. If they do find a violation, they will not pay out so be sure to keep to the conditions and terms of your policy as best you're able. As your life insurance policy will not pay out instantly you will need to have a funeral plan as well to make sure that your family will be able to cover the price of your own funeral service, but that is a tale for a different article.

Having life insurance in position can take a major load of stress or you as well as your spouse's shoulders. You will not have to be worried about what's going to happen to your loved ones should one of you pass on before your kids are grown. You won't have to be overly concerned about your family becoming destitute as a result of your demise because the insurance plan can be tailored to pay for all your debts.

As you can see, there is actually not a single person in the world that can genuinely say that they have got no requirement for a life insurance plan. Everyone has someone who we want to and need to help keep safe. This is why there are life insurance plans, to help all of us to cater for our family members in an uncertain future. Do not delay, make sure that your life insurance coverage is taken care of as soon as you are able to find two minutes to get on the internet and sort it out.

Threat to Startup Innovation

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With growing ecosystem of startup around the globe brings in major threat to their innovations too. Many startups often start from living room or college canteen. Many successful startups in India indicated that few like minded innovators joins hand with strength in different domain and start the development work to showcase the proof of concept. Proof of concept with viable business case is very important to get the seed funding.

In the event of self funding or through seed funding, startup generally hire the first line of employee through reference without going through the background check.There comes the threat of human vulnerability which is maximum in the information security domain.

We generally trust our resources and treat them as family to inflict conviction and confidence within the team member but sometimes some of the resources turns hostile and hurt the company.

It is very important for startup to implement network security but the usages of basic email server to common hosting server works for the worst. As startup founders invest their life savings to effort in order to achieve the goal and it is important for all of us to implement human intelligence as first line of defense to mitigate any security breach which may cost us unavoidable failure.

Many resources complain that they are not allowed to attend phone calls, whatsapp or any other messaging application within office. Some of them complain that they are not allowed to leave the office during office hours or they are not allowed to carry laptop back home.

I do understand the concern of the resources and they suffer just because of few resources who is not ethical while performing their duties.

It's unfortunate that some of the resources intentionally or unintentionally share company information with friends or relatives or XYZ, which may lead to leaking of confidential information about product, potential business etc.

When it comes to security we talk of routers to switch to IPS/IPS, DDoS, penetration testing to Vulnerability Assessment but it does not work in startup ecosystem.

If one wants to secure the innovation till it’s released in the market, it is utmost important the founder should keep an eye on everyone based on multiple intelligence mechanism.

Moto E3 Power Smartphone Full Specification, Features And Reviews

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Note: We are not responsible for 100 % accuracy device information 

India MVNO Initiative - Device Players Going to Rock

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As per the report published in new paper today, government received 80 request to get the license.
Under MVNO license one can buy the minutes and data from mobile service providers and resell it to end consumer under their brand name. 

Few years back Virgin Mobile attempted the same but failed miserably. 

In a current scenario, when wireless subscribers touched around billion and major chunk of users are still using feature phone will help potential MVNO players in big way.

Currently Device manufacturer are the center of attraction and offer bundled data to their buyer as value add. In that process mobile service provider acquire data user at much lower cost.

Entry of MVNO will help volume device manufacturer present both in feature phone and Smartphone to dominate the market.

The brands like Micromax, intex, lava, karbonn, Spice,  celkon will be the biggest gainer as they are very strong in  feature phone segment whereas some of the mentioned brands are also strong in Smartphone segment. 
The positioning of these brands will attract MVNO towards them for new user acquisition. 

The above brand may choose to ask for user acquisition cost which may run in $1 to $2 of additional revenue per user.
This will be on top of their ongoing VAS revenue of around $1 to $5 depending upon the brand market share and reach ability.

These brands are very strong in rural sector when it comes to feature phone and now posses the potential of increasing their margin if all goes right with MVNO license allocation. 
The move is very good to get more penetration and help those to have mobility who is still deprived of that.

True Relationship vs. Cosmetic Relationship

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I decided to share this article post long research of current society for the last 15 years. The article takes you through the social changes with time, money and I realised that mistrust is the basis of today relationship.

In 80's or even 2000 era when someone used to meet someone then they used to maintain the friendship to the maximum level and used to help each others. I still remember friendship of  my parents with their friend circle and even after 40 years the love and respect of relationship is so pure.
During that era the salary of Indian were not high and social relationship used to be on the basis of sheer love for respect, care and person intellect.

Many even went to an extent of getting each other family member settle down. I call that relationship True Relationship.

At the same time, in current environment,relationship is cosmetic in nature when one  try to outclass others through their materialistic approach. Many claim to be friend or brother or sister but when it comes to trusting someone who really try to help the other side, you may land in shock. Is it the result of competitive environment within society.

I came across one incident recently which forced me to believe that trust from the society is completely over. If you think that other side really care for you then you may get a setback as you don't know about the other side intentions.

At one end we talk about connected mobility to banking to commerce whereas miss the connected relationship. I call it cosmetic relationship. Please keep your eyes opened and one should have shiva like third eye to catch the double faces sweet relatives.

Feel pity for those ...