Cloud Based Unified Service Delivery Platform – Low Cost and High Return


With the adoption of high speed data network supporting triple play services or products, the focus turned on increasing the adoption of data from voice centric service. Most of the mobile operator in India focussed on product positioning and experienced low adoption due to price vs. performance factor considered by potential user. Cloud based Unified Service Delivery Platform can be a game changer to enable mobile operator to tag innovative product provider with superior customer management. It would reduce User, Service, Partner acquisition, activation, upgrades, notification, billing, troubleshooting, RCA as well as management and operational cost. Reeling under decreasing EBITA, high TCA, high TCO and Low ROI, the potential proposition would enable mobile operator’s to achieve low risk and high reward through cutting edge Technology platform offered by leading and Innovative Technology companies. The same platform can then be reused to deliver Enterprise Horizontal and Vertical to tap the untapped business opportunity in India. In order to achieve the same, product manager should think ecosystem module of content, context, competition, commerce, connectivity closely tagged with Performance, Priority. In conclusion, shift towards User, Device, and Network agnostic environment to increase Product, Service, Customer, Revenue assurance.

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Nice to see the importance of could based service delivery platform on your blog. Thanks.