Quality of Service (QoS) Guarantee of Data Service required to kick-start higher adoption


Currently Mobile Operators are considering new subscriber as data subscriber because new subscribers are enabled on data enabled network. Based on the government document on subscriber numbers, the data subscriber base would be around 430 million ranges whereas the VLR active data subscriber would be around 290 Million. The recent thrust by incumbents’ mobile operators such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance, and Vodafone to differentiate them self is from challengers such as Idea and Tata DoCoMo generated new specifics around network, services and product Quality of Services (QoS). In the recent past most of the mobile operators used to run their network on Best Effort mechanism as the focus was on non real time product portfolio. With the investment on 3G and increase penetration, mobile operators started tweaking network parameters to offer differentiated services to their end customers on the real time product portfolio segment. It increases their data centric revenue as mobile subscribers are getting uninterrupted real time data oriented services. The recent strategic moves by few incumbent and their constant focus on data segment started reflecting in their quarterly result. These must have network KPI's should be exploited by Mobile Operators to define new service and product portfolio's to generate new sustainable long term revenue opportunity.

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