One Nation –One License -Free Roaming Policy offer India Full MNP vision achievement

In approved NTP 12 document, the Indian government clearly stated long term vision for telecom sector - to exploit the already built foundation to create unprecedented communication reach across Indian geographies. It also set very aggressive targets on teledensity, potential network deployments to serve and offer Indian people very cost effective communications services.

I have already highlighted in my earlier blog posts, MNPRegulation – Regulator’s Vision Verses Reality and UnrealisticNational Telecom Policy vision to achieve 70% Teledensity by 2017 & 100% by2020, the current pattern of broadband and logical challenges in achieving the set goal by the government. But the most interesting vision is to
  1. Strive to create One Nation - One License across services and service areas.
  2. Achieve One Nation - Full Mobile Number Portability and work towards One Nation -Free Roaming.
The above mentioned clause took telecommunication service providers by surprise and it is even more surprising when there was lack of visibility on the licensing issues.

Currently, Two MNPO’s are managing dipping database and service providers in the respective zones and are integrating their networks through centralized database development to get the real time update.
In a current scenario, the mobile user can only make donor to receipt mobile operator switch within their current service geography or circle.

Is there a need of “Full MNP” when one license across services and service area is going to be implemented?

In a scenario of national roaming abolishment; Intra circle roaming would be abolished and all operator level switch would not be limited to specific circle level. Once intra circle level roaming under one license regime comes into force, it would automatically enable ported out user free movement and flexibility of keeping same MSISDN across service geography. It would automatically offer full MNP across recipient’s mobile operators’ service geographies.

The mobile operators would be forced to pay carriage fee in order to correctly connect and deliver voice call and SMS respectively. On the capex and opex front, the Mobile Operator’s, International Long Distance Operator’s would be forced to remodel centralized ported user database, SMS aggregation platform as well as realign their service logic and business logic in order to correctly redirect voice and SMS traffic. I have not seen any updated regulatory document about the changes required to be done on the dipping database update side.

Even more surprising that regulator are in consultation with stakeholders, post deciding on the policy without zeroing in on the licensing, potential solutioning impact on the user and network performance and cost attached with it.

In my point of view, free roaming would remove the need of Full MNP. The existing mechanism of limited MNP would automatically be extended to Full MNP. The regulators may opt for the clear specifications defining all the raised concerned points by the stakeholders to reduce the revenue loss fear and associated cost. The consultation regarding the licenses and associated cost, post policy approval is bit surprising. I must stress that there are multiple hidden business opportunities for ecosystem stakeholders out of the unwarranted challenges around Full MNP and free roaming.

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