Cloud based Enterprise mobility may be a game changer for innovative companies

In recent years, the talks of all technology forums revolve around Application, Cloud and Enterprise mobility. The growing adoption of smartphone and better data connectivity is fuelling data traffic. Based on the reports major chunk of generated data traffic originates from social networking and messaging site. The higher adoption of Androids, iOS, BBY and Window operating system based smartphone brings in the level of uniformity which might help in higher adoption of Enterprise centric horizontal and vertical application to populate and retrieve information from backend server side. According to Zinnov Management Consultancy, Indian Enterprise mobility market reached close to $250 Million and expected to reach $1 Bn by 2015. The projection seems too steep to achieve that even in very optimistic economic environment whereas India is struggling to achieve even 5% GDP growth. The Enterprise mobility market is also very small compared to US which crossed $22 Bn (Researchandmarket).The biggest challenge faced by Indian Enterprise is more towards the interoperability, porting, security etc. The tough economic situation also offer and integrated benefit to think out of box to enhance productivity and reduce the cost to reach out to potential customer base. The BFSI, Transportation, Manufacturing and partly healthcare sectors are deploying Enterprise mobility basic features to sharpen their effective and efficient mechanism to approach any opportunities or concerns aggressively. Enterprise mobility adoption in India by in-large limited to Corporations with PAN India as well as International presence. The cost of Enterprise mobility per user runs high due to the complete system acquisition. It is one of the decisive factors by SMB and SME to park Enterprise mobility adoption. Given the potential of new business opportunity around SMB and SME segment, the solution provider may reap earlier mover benefit by offer server level features with dynamic service and business logic processes. It would enable potential clients to only pay for the process needed as per their business requirement. The lower cost of smartphone should be exploited by solution provider through their platform integrated MDM, BPM, RMS etc. The SMB and SME in the proposed scenario would need to redirect their connectivity traffic to get connected with solution provider cloud hosted middleware. The solution provider platform should also support drag-drop-develop applications interoperable on all leading mobile operating system. The solution providers are offered huge business opportunity in India by unleashing their state of art platform. In my point of view, the combination Cloud PaaS and AaaS designed for broader Enterprise mobility would bring in new business revenue coming out of shell of instead of limited HRM,CRM, ERP and Email.

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