Nokia Windows Operating System – Potential Challenger and Differentiator in Smartphone OS Segment

The Android and iOS smartphone operating system captured 92.3%of all smartphone shipment worldwide in Q1, FY13.  The major move happened for the third position as Windows Phone sneaked past BlackBerry. Based on IDC Mobile Phone Tracker Android smartphone vendors and Apple collectively dispatched a total of 199.5 million units worldwide during Q1FY13, and achieved  59.1% YoY growth. For the last many quarters, Two leading mobile OS are the front runner of unit shipment but Q1,FY13 started to indicate upcoming dynamic shift in market place with other OS based smartphone player gaining market share especially Nokia driven Window Mobile OS. Blackberry slipped due to the new operating system launch but got good response for their BB10 and already shipped more than million units within quarter post device launch
Android captured Lion share of smartphone operating system market led by Samsung Galaxy Model and supported by more than 100 smartphone vendors. Samsung helped to weather seasonality impact and helped Android to increase market share QoQ. Samsung captured 41.3% of Android based smartphone market and other vendors scrambled to capture the remaining with single digit market share.
Apple achieved largest ever shipment in first quarter but it failed to maintain YoY OS market share and shipment growth. The demand for Apple iPhone remains robust as the form factor and huge repository of Applications help company to manage onslaught of Samsung with similar device form factor. Analysts are predicting massive overhaul of UI and UX in to be launched iOS 7
Nokia driven Windows Phone achieved more than 100 percent growth compared to previous year. Nokia contribute 79% window smartphone shipment volume through their limited release of Window based Smartphone serious. Till date Nokia shipped 20.3 million Windows unit and expected to continue growth in high double digit for next many quarters. The Nokia shift in strategy to partner with mobile operator to target larger user base and reduced activities of direct to market got lots of attentions and many leading mobile operators in US, Europe and China collaborated to launch High to Medium end smartphone devices to target replacement cycle. The recent market share growth in US clearly indicates that Nokia is gaining traction in most lucrative smartphone market. The recent announcement of Verizon launching Nokia Smartphone would act as another catalyst for Nokia to achieve 10% of total Smartphone market well ahead of time. The recent management rejig in China and collaboration with largest wireless service provider would also aid Nokia to return to their ‘90’s fame. It was written in many articles that Nokia is burning cash, restructuring, M&A target and many more. I believe the other way around, the changed strategy implementation and development of new ecosystem takes time and Nokia passed through it successfully. Recent Map issues with iPhone and Nokia Map solution only demonstrate hidden value. The recent patent infringement lawsuits and settlement against HTC and Blackberry by Nokia demonstrate their huge patent arsenal to protect customer and shareholders interest. Interesting to note that Nokia strategy to collaborate with Microsoft was considered wrong move by Industry but again I feel the other way around. The Microsoft reach in the enterprise sector and Nokia reach in service provider sector offered them the mechanism to integrate Enterprise centric capabilities to help Enterprise customer base through Enterprise Mobility platform. The recent flurry of low end Asha, Lumia series in developed and BRIC geographies forced competitors to match Nokia. I strongly believe the strong end to end ecosystem development in the last 2 plus years would give Nokia an opportunity to pose stiff competition to top 2 operating system.
BlackBerry suffered the most with double digit decline due to OS launch and availability of new devices across different geographies. It would be an opportunity for Blackberry to capture their existing customer base through replacement cycle. It is expected that Blackberry is still few quarter away to mark its presence due to non-availability of Applications across sectors.
Once considered as the future of smartphone OS, Linux continue to follow downhill path and reached to a level not seen since Q1 FY10. The reason of lower volume is due to the shift of loyalist such as Samsung shifted towards Android and its own vision to develop Tizen based smartphone
Multiple other platforms, such as Mozilla, SailFish, Tizen, and Ubuntu are expected to launch their first smartphone in coming Quarters.
The surrendered operating system Symbian by Nokia recorded the largest YoY decline and expected to follow the same path.
It would be interesting to see how the two leading OS enhances their operating system to mitigate new challenge posed by recharged Nokia and Blackberry and coming quarters

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