TRAI fixed SMS termination Charges – Is it going to make any difference in UCC Traffic?

Indian Telecom regulator announced two new regulations that will be applicable from 1st June 2013. The new regulation includes SMS termination charges based on cost fixed at 2 paisa whereas sets a transnational SMS charge of 5 paise per transnational SMS.
In changed scenario, the current formulation agreed between different Access Provider at different price point and bill & keep mechanism would be replaced with cost based fixed charges.
The move is interesting as TRAI is also trying to bring UCC (Unsolicited Commercial Communication) under control and incumbent advocated that regional players are selling bulk SMS and partly responsible for UCC traffic. In order to reduce the UCC, they advocated rigorously increasing termination charges to make bulk SMS unattractive.
 Recently, TRAI also released clear directives to access provider to initiate all process and network optimization to stop UCC to improve subscriber privacy. 
In my point of view, the SMS termination charges for both P2P and Promotional one is going to give UCC originator an opportunity to remodel their pricing model as the current set charges are still very low compared to A2P messages. I request reader to share their opinion.

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