Amazon Web Eyeing India for Growth


Amazon arm, Amazon Web Services eyeing India market to continue its phenomenal growth. Since inception in 2006, AWS is offering pay as you go, on demand facilities, Storage, delivery platforms to enable customers to reach out to global consumers on the fly. Indian Enterprises and Government sectors are relatively slow in adopting cloud service given the underlying issues such as data porting, inter-operability and regulations. Buoyant with growing business from existing customer base and opportunity to tap new customers in relatively nascent market segment, AWS is eyeing India for additional growth potential.

AWS sees e-commerce on mobile and additional service offering to Enterprises around Big Data. AWS feels that e-Commerce on mobile is going to contribute 50% revenue in next few years. The optimistic projection is due to new network deployment supporting data speed Internet access, higher adoption of smartphones and affordable access charges. The AWS growth attracted competitors like VMware, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure started offering multiple cloud options compared to AWS Public Cloud based services & infrastructure. AWS also developed partnership with analytical companies to scan through Big Data to help Enterprise target and capture new customers and revenues. I am sure it would be great experience for Amazon to especially enable PSU’s on its cloud.

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