Bharti Airtel Move into Data Centre Segment – Offer New Opportunities and Challenges for Many

Bharti move to hive off its captive datacentre into standalone entity is going to change competitive landscape for better. Bharti excelled in managing and expanding its captive datacentres for OnNet service offering to Enterprises. The dynamic changes in service offering and adoption of new technologies might be one of the reasons for Bharti to create more value for itself and its customer. The move by Bharti in adopting cloud computing and mechanism to refine its product portfolio can be considered as added benefits for Bharti. The standalone Datacentres entity might choose to focus in targeting Enterprises through Colocation supported Cloud Mechanism and integrated with Bharti Airtel Triple play delivery network is going to change the Industry service offerings and delivery. The other competitive datacentre offerings which are offering services like hosting, Connectivity and SaaS platform would be challenged by Bharti. Bharti effective and efficient expertise of rolling out services or product through bundle of quick process integration and support of all required component and sub-component would be tough to be matched by competitors. The intention of separating Datacentre into standalone entity clearly indicates Bharti intentions to convert its existing Enterprise Customer base with more E2E solution offering. The move is going to be positive for ICT hardware and software providers to generate more revenue through single window

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