BlackBerry Shipped Lower than Projected BB 10 Smartphone – Projecting Few More Quarter of Transition Pain


BlackBerry in its earning release highlighted that total 6.8 Million smartphone were shipped during Q1, FY13 as against analyst projection of 7 Million. BlackBerry shipped 2.7 million BB 10 smartphones and form lion share of Blackberry total smartphone shipment. Analyst projected 3.5 Mn BB10 shipments for Q1, FY13. The lower than expected pick up BB10 shipment impacted overall revenue and total smartphone shipment. It said it ended the quarter with about 72 million subscribers — down by 4 million from the prior quarter overshooting analyst projections. The continuous fall in subscriber number is giving competitor to grab high ARPU Enterprise Prosumer’s. Blackberry in its earning release, projecting net loss during Q2, FY13 citing continuous investment in supply chain, advertisement and new product rollouts to calm down increasing growing impatient investors. Today BlackBerry Stock is getting hammered with more than 20% cut and very bad result would be grabbed by competitors to snatch their value service customer base.

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