Communication Traffic Monitoring – New Mechanism to Enhance National Security

In recent weeks, most of the major Internet companies are in limelight for sharing access to US government regulators to increase vigilance across user segment. The news attracted concerns from user at one end whereas denial from mentioned Companies. The move was called “attack on privacy”. In India also, Regulators are thinking of taking help of ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) to tap in traffic to increase vigilance across communication link. In my point of view, the monitoring management of communication link attached with different delivery network is good initiation from government regulators. We hear hacking, information breach, Loss of data and unlawful communication flowing here and there. In 2011-12, Blackberry was forced to setup their servers in India and also allowed lawful intercept facilities to government agencies. In an environment, where unlawful entities are getting more tech savvy and using Internet and Mobile communication oriented closed loop communications to be in touch with each other. The new proposed mechanism would help government to keep close eye on unlawful entity and act before it’s too late. Law abiding user should not get feel threatened by government initiative where the contents are reviewed for national security and security of one’s information. It is going to help enforcement agencies to get early warnings and initiate action to mitigation potential threats across multiple verticals of crimes.

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