Falling Indian Currency – New Opportunities for Mid-Size Technology Exporters

The continuous high level of Trade Deficit, Increasing commodities imports, slowing economy impacted Indian Currency dearly. Indian Currency INR fell more than 7% in last one quarter and expected to fall for another few quarter. On one side, Industry as a whole is worried about steep fall of Indian Currency whereas it is considered to be another positive for IT companies to launch another attempt to snatch IT contracts across global foot print. In my point of view, all IT companies with little to full focus on technology export is going to be benefited. The mid-sized IT companies are going to be benefited the most as they restructured their cost model to minimum to fight with on-going economic downturn. Companies like Hexaware, Polaris, Rolta, Geometric, MindTree, MPhasis, Zensar and many others are going to see improvement on their margin by 1 to 2%. It would also help them to bid aggressively for new projects from their existing or new clients. It would not be wrong to expect few good financial quarters and good number of big ticket contracts

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