India Mulling FDI Limit Removal in Telecom Sector – Should Government focus Policy Clarity &Implementation OR FDI ?

In view of shoring off confidence in Indian Telecom sector, GoM are mulling removing FDI cap to bring in value investment from outside. Barring Bharti Airtel Stake sell, the Indian Telecom Sector little FDI investment in the last 2 year. The 2G scam, 3G auction saga, one time license fee, 3G roaming, security clearance, spectrum re-farming are some of the on-going contention which got lots of media glare and created negative sentiment about India Telecom Story. The cancellation of 2G license and loss of $ Bn’s , International Telecom giants burnt their investment. If we really want to attract FDI in Telecom; the policy clarity and implementation of above mentioned few contentions would send positive signals to potential investors

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