Indian User Opinion about Pesky Calls and SMS – Lack of Awareness and Social Responsibility Adherence

Recent weeks print media is full of articles around pesky calls and SMS monster which is taking centre stage in most not all communications from regulators. Regulators are proposing stringent fines across ecosystem players involved in supporting pesky calls and SMS. Post multiple blog article posted by me on different social sites to professional sites to increase awareness about negative impact of pesky call and SMS engineering, I realised that Indian subscribers are least bothered about happening around them. I thought of another approach to figure out the unsuccessful enforcement of regulation and esteemed Indian subscribers opinion about the same. Post talking with more than 200 very educated, professionally successful, well-known names in their respective sectors; I reached to the following conclusion
  • Not aware of processes to take on pesky caller and SMS originator
  • No one want to get into legal process
  • Even NDNC subscriber told that nothing is going to improve so it’s useless to talk about it
  • No one ever launched any complaint but proudly admitted that they are getting multiple calls and SMS on daily basis
  • Other few opinion were very crude and prefer not to share the same
If Industry especially Telco’s are losing Billions of $ then Telco must be part and parcel of awareness program. At the same time, there must be participation by corporate world to increase awareness among their employee about the Pro’s and Con’s of pesky calls and SMS on personal and professional information management. Government may consider stringent information technology centric regulation and announce heavy penalty on companies giving business to mass product marketing companies without adhering to government regulation.

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