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Most of the professionals face tough time during their professional life. It is a common scenario to toss on-going issues amongst each other. Most of the times, blame game goes towards either immediate juniors/subordinates/seniors.

I have been reading many blogs and articles talking about professional’s problems like:

  • They are not getting right platform to showcase their potential
  • They are subjected to internal politics
  • Seniors/Management don’t give them proper hearing
  • Heavy work load seizes opportunities to enhance their skills
  • Internal restructuring and new job responsibilities
  • And many more

Let me share my experience, during my tenure with world leading research firm; I was assigned to implement H-MobileIPv6 as one of my projects. While implementing, I also went through the phase where I too was being subjected to internal politics, over burden with work, non-supportive team and so on. One fine day, I decided to implement the followings:

  • Introspect every evening about day’s gain and loss at work place
  • Work on weakness and don’t be proud of identified strength
  • Learn to say “ I don’t know” rather than running around the bushes with funny answers
  • Learn to approach even your juniors to gain knowledge, Once you will learn then you can master it
  • If one you have identified your weakness approach your seniors for help and guidance
  • Learn to say “ THANK YOU”
  • In a competitive Professional environment, one needs to excel and should “Prepare oneself when whole world is sleeping”. Every additional hour of effort would bring new skills
  • Follow Einstein philosophy “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”. When you close your eyes you must be able to see the whole product/network/Traffic/ KPI’s.
  • In order to achieve above point, learn the basics of each component. It is not necessary to be master of all components but should be aware of the basics
  • Learn to “Surprise your team with information”. It would bring motivation among team members and would ultimately be beneficial for the organization
  • Be proactive and never see your watch during work execution

The above approach helped me in ups and downs of my professional life.

I would be coming out with another post to highlight your positive or negative impact on Organization

I request post readers to share, if you believe in above mentioned points.

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