Nokia Asha Platform Adoption - Critical for Company Growth


Last few years observed major upsets and repositioning of device manufacturer on global level. Nokia decision to move out of Symbian triggered unprecedented fall in Nokia Feature and Mid-range device volume and at the same time lost its number one position Samsung. Samsung captured never to miss opportunity and invested heavily on brand building, device innovation, and mobile device availability across price range to capture market share from Nokia. The fall in Nokia market share, profitability, restructuring, positioning of Lumia Series and slow uptake of Lumia prompted many analyst to write down Nokia survivability chance and resurgence of the same.

Nokia in the last few years tried to develop many mobile OS and subsequently scrapped it. The master of mid-priced phones, Nokia launched Asha series value filled device and consumer received it well. The Chinese device OEM’s came out with low priced Smartphone changed consumers adoption pattern. After three plus years of research and development, Nokia developed Asha Platform which is designed for Low to medium range smartphone.

This week Nokia launched $99 Asha501 smartphone based on Asha Platform in Thailand and Pakistan to target geographies to play volume game. Nokia already taking online booking in India and is expected to launch Asha501 next month. The low priced differentiated feature packed device is expected to gain good traction in emerging countries.

BY launching Asha platform attached Asha 501, Nokia sent clear message to consumers and competitor that Nokia filled the vacuum in their portfolio post Symbian OS decision. It also indicates Nokia strategy to target volume play with Asha platform and Premium consumers with Window Mobile OS based Lumia.

This time around misstep which happened during Lumia device availability due to component shortage may act as major blow. Nokia supply chain efficiency to deliver volume and availability of device in multiple geographies may turn competitive heat towards Competitors.

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