Nokia helping Microsoft Mobile OS to gain market share in Verizon Wireless- Early warning for competitor and good news for Smartphone user

After unsuccessful attempt by Microsoft to push its Mobile OS adoption during 2010; the Nokia Collaboration helped Microsoft to start making its presence felt in US market. The latest confirmation is Nokia Lumia product acceptance and now commands 6.8 percent of Verizon sell through smartphone size of 7.2 Mn during last quarter. Nokia helped Microsoft to grow its Mobile OS device share on Verizon wireless from 0.2% ending April 2012 to 6.8% ending April 2013. Nokia slew of new product launch in US market to make more impactful presence and may attempt to lure away iPhone loyalist. During April 2013 ending Quarter, iPhone sold 4 million through Verizon wireless. The shipment figure is encouraging and also highlight that the current industry perception about Windows Phone that the Nokia-Microsoft duo struggled to outshine Apple’s iPhone and phones running Google’s Android operating system must be reconsidered. According to IDC report it is important to note that Window OS based Phones outclass Apple in select parts of the geographies. The Windows based Mobility device shipments exceeded against iPhone in countries such as were Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and Croatia during the fourth quarter. Its Technology sector mantra is simple and that is “Users are not loyalist but love constant change”. The emergence of new technology giant and bust of some validates the same. Analyst may consider highlighting Nokia strength and their unmatched contribution rather than focusing on “how Microsoft is funding Nokia and what would happen to Nokia post expiry of the same”. Would appreciate readers counter comments if they feel the other way around

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