Pesky calls and SMS issue in India can be resolved through Social responsibility act only – Act before it hit your information

Recently, TRAI got very active to completely eradicate pesky calls and SMS to offer and protect privacy of Indian subscribers. TRAI came out with 11th amendment around unsolicited commercial communications to send across warning bells within service ecosystem. According to Newspaper Hindu Business line article Tata- Tele, Reliance Communications and Aircel were served warning from regulators to make all necessary arrangement to monitor pesky calls and SMS generation through their network by rouge telemarketers and SMS service providers. Two years back Bharti Airtel stopped their bulk SMS service to offer privacy and QoS of their subscribers but unfortunately the big three of Indian Telecom sector Bharti Airtel, Idea and Vodafone India suffering the most because of their subscriber target base.
In another report in Economic Times, the new mechanism of bulk flooding of SMS using GSM Modem attached 100’s of SMS SIM’s and every SIM are calibrated to send only TRAI limit of daily SMS.
Important to Note that, the above mentioned process of acquiring 100’s of SIM for commercial purpose highlight major security flaws in the verification process of subscribers. It raises following questions and believe that being citizen, subscribers, Enterprise and service provider, we all should take 2 min to think about it
  1. How rouge players are managing to acquire so many SIM’s?
  2. Is there any flaws in SIM and Subscriber authentication process or
  3. Who is giving rouge player’s business for Telemarketing?
  4. Are regulators focusing in penalizing advertisers to use rouge players?
  5. Is it effective to disconnect mobility connection and bar particular subscriber for 2 years?
In my point of view, the advertisers and pesky calls and SMS providers must be penalized heavily to start with.
Request reader to own up social responsibility and share article to increase awareness among our innocent subscriber base. If we all want to see India growing through differentiated approach, then we all must be united the way we follow when there is any threat on our boarders. Thanks in advance for your

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