Reality Bite- Is India Ready for Big Data Centric Targeted Product Development!!!


In an environment of differentiated product offer personalized for customer by Telecom service provider using Big Data analytical mechanism. Term Big Data is nothing but huge data pass-through on Telco network. Many Telco’s are analysing, understanding data and subsequently defining and refining customer service, current and upcoming product portfolio to earn revenue and at the same time increase Subscriber retention. Big Data offer insight about subscriber usage and access patterns of downloads, applications, history to enable Telecom Operators make right Go To Market strategy to target in specific rather than generic way.

The big question mark is around Indian Telco and consumer readiness and acceptance respectively. Indian Telecom service providers are struggling to identify pesky call and SMS originator and putting the offenders in accountability domain and it demonstrate lack of inbuilt tools to scan through subscriber generated so called Big Data.

Indian wireless operators are struggling to retain the VAS subscriber base and revenues are falling QoQ, YoY .The reason of higher churn rate, low VAS revenue and low VAS product adoption is due to blind advertisement, non-compliance of mobile VAS (MVAS) and nonexistence of any innovative VAS product launch. At the same time, Indian mobility consumers are price sensitive. Any personalized Product or Service or Application would require higher subscription, pricing which is not feasible in India.

On the other hand, Enterprise Mobility segment offer great opportunity for Telecom service provider but unfortunately Indian MVAS companies consider or term telemarketing and based product promotion as Enterprise Mobility. The adoption of Enterprise mobility centric product development and positioning based on Big Data may create buzz in the market place but Telecom service providers financial health as well vision don’t fall in long term investment on products

Few Indian Telecom service providers hired International analytical firms to analyse huge data flowing through their network but their current product portfolio and struggle to retain their market share. In my point of view, adoption and offering of Big Data centric product by few Enterprise don’t represent opportunity around it.

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