Retail Investor must stay away from Future & Option instrument in Indian Equity Market

The post is meant for those professionals and retail investors who invest in Indian equity market. For the past 7 trading sessions, Indian equity is feeling the burn of FII outflow from debt market and currency downfall every day. It is investor’s approach to make quick and good money by trading in Future and Option market of course with Stop loss. Sometimes, they also play on margin money side and get trapped. Current equity market environment is no better than tsunami in both the Up and down market. The volatility in market is high and generally it is loved by F&O. I would like to warn retail and especially Professional to be on the side line from F&O till financial market settle down. There is very high probability of higher volatility in coming weeks and market may tilt in any direction given Indian internal economic, political and policy development. It’s time to cherry pick good companies share on delivery base and sit tight with existing share.

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