Rise in Android Malicious Applications – Impact and Opportunity


According to Juniper Mobile, 92% of all malware applications are designed with Android environment and 500 plus 3d party Android Application store are used to bypass any uneven pattern by hackers. Juniper Mobile Threat Centre analysed more than 1.85 million sampled applications covering all major mobile OS during FY12 and identified 275K plus malicious Applications and 3 out of 5 such applications are originating from either China or Russia. The YoY malicious application growth is more than 155% and 92% of identified malicious application was targeted towards Android Platform. The unmatched growth attached with Android Mobile OS attracted hacker to cash in on ongoing adoption trend. There are multiple mechanism hacker can attract user to download applications and subsequently steal or redirect all activity information of user. Juniper also claimed that 77% of the designed malware turned into viral malware due to non updation of mobile OS version. The report indirect indication is clear. Many Application stores failed to implement stringent security tools, process, content contextual pattern related features to identify unavailable signature based malware. User must be getting an alert by the applications store to update device OS to mitigate any upcoming unwarranted threat. It also indicate lack of integrated mechanism to support remote user management to send across forced update to user by Apps store. All of us talk about BYOD, Remote configuration and confirmation management but in reality many service provider failed to integrate must have components of analytical and security management tools to safeguard their customers. It is not far away when Smartphone would be used by Hackers to launch DDoS attack to bring down communication medium. On the opportunity side, with the growing adoption of Tablet and Smartphone as computing device to execute professional activities, server defined mirror security platform may get quick traction.

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