Samsung Seamless Shift from OS dependent to OS Agnostic Smartphone Player – Differentiating Proposition

In Feb 2013, Samsung announced to move out of home grown BADA smartphone OS and collaborated with Intel to develop Linux based Tizen OS. The move was quite surprising as BADA was gaining in smartphone OS segment. Samsung redirected most of the BADA resources to support Tizen OS and demonstrated the glimpse of Tizen OS. The move clearly indicated that Samsung strategic move to focus on growth of Android OS and not to pose any threat to Android through BADA. Any tactical move to increase BADA OS penetration was accessed as shifting slight focus from Android to BADA. The moving out of home grown BADA OS also perceived positively by Android developers and showed Samsung commitment towards Android. Interestingly, Samsung also positioned its WM8.0 OS supported devices and marked its presence in the Windows Mobile OS segment. Even though, Samsung is releasing less number of WM 8.0 devices compared to Android but showed its support for another OS. Now they collaborated with Intel for Tizen and also getting support from few large device manufacturers. Tizen OS is fully compatibles with HTML 5 and also helping BADA ecosystem players to port their applications to system as per the Tizen specifications. Samsung tactical strategy is to be in the central of not all but most of the mobile operating system ecosystem to get clear picture of happening in other mobile operating system segment. By supporting mobile operating system they are also creating opportunities for their chipset and storage business segment. It enables them to identify the gap and way around of the gap to be truly innovative device manufacturer. Samsung learnt from Nokia about the impact of owning mobile operating system rather than supporting it to win over Industry support. Nokia closed ownership environment and dominance on any proposed changes in Symbian offered opportunity platter to Google to garner support from industry Mobile ecosystem players. By venturing into Android, WM8.0 and Tizen; Samsung also communicated to mobile operating system segment that they are least dependent on any of the mobile operating system and capable of shifting gears from one to another mobile operating system based on the change in consumer and prosumer usage pattern.

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