Serious attempts by Department of Telecommunications, India to control pesky calls – Considering Imposing Heavy Fines for Each pesky calls

Department of Telecommunication, India tried all methodology to control pesky call and SMS to offer privacy to subscribers. Even service providers invested millions of $ to upgrade their network attached system   to tackle the nuisance of pesky calls and SMS to their esteemed customer base.The end losers are service providers as they are struggling to shore up customer QoS and Privacy clause. The recent flurry of high level  meeting in DoT and TRAI followed by the head of Service provider meeting with regulator got everyone into action.The TRAI directives to service providers to refine network KPI’s to identify and block pesky and SMS seems very difficult as the illegal pesky caller and bulk SMS providers are one step ahead in thinking to find the weak spot of the network to bypass the monitoring tools.The P&G department requested feedback on right to privacy bill from DoT and proposed to slap 20K INR for every ICC calls by telemarketers.The department is also considering intercepting to phone calls in order to establish the phones calls from telemarketers to end subscribers
The department is also considering blacklisting and UCC caller won’t be able to own mobile connection for 2 years.It would be interesting to see “what mechanism TRAI and Service Providers” would propose to eradicate billions of UCC messages and calls from network.
I can only offer best wishes to BFSI, Real Estate sector as that sector would be hit hard. Also the highlighted issues by Service providers and DoT are only 10% of the existing concerns around pesky calls and SMS.

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