Sony and LG helped Android Mobile OS to capture 92.8% market share in Spain

Spain is one of hardest hit by financial meltdown, high unemployment running in high double digits. To handle financial crisis, government launched stringent austerity program to control fiscal deficit, win over International investors for their government bonds and Potential bailout package from EU. The economic environment change impacted mobile subscriber usage pattern. On analysing Comtech data, subscriber are looking for Sub $150 - $200 range smartphone and the changed pattern helped Android mobile OS for smartphone to cross 90% market share level. The contributors of higher Android Mobile OS turned out to be Sony and LG. Sony and LG captured 19% and 17% of the total market share driven by Sony Xperia and LG Optimus series models. The biggest loser of market shares are all high end brand and the reason are well explained in the start of post. It is great to see that other smartphone makers on Android markers are tuned themselves to mark their strong presence. It’s an achievement for Android OS, Product, Platform and Application providers. The number clearly indicate that its not impossible to be 90% market share player in very competitive domain

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