Unsolicited Commercial Communications Regulation in India– Trigger for Mobile Based Advertisement


The online advertisement spend by advertisers are reached INR 2260 Cr ending March 2013. The market size is too low. The advertiser’s prefer to opt for telemarketing and promotional SMS to reach out to Mobility user compared to application based mobile advertisement on mobile. The Applications ecosystem in India is not matured enough to offer hidden potential of device centric and application hosted mobile advertisement due to number of reasons such as backend delivery, Contextual capture, mobile e-Commerce mechanism. The lack of technology supported triggered advertisers to choose telemarketing and promotional SMS to offer product awareness drive through the mentioned media. In order to keep the cost low and offer better value proposition, many telemarketing and bulk advertisement providers decided to choose short cuts to capture market share. The move turned out to be risk for consumer privacy, content security. Post multiple regulatory directives, regulators failed to stop pesky telemarketing calls and SMS by telemarketing companies. In order to control unaccounted billions of message routing through illegal mechanism prompted regulators to put the onus on Wireless operators to enhance their network to eradicate or control revenue leakage which is impacting whole ecosystem player. Post few high voltage meetings and directives, it is observed that many companies indulged in Mobile Marketing using Telemarketing and SMS experienced drastic fall in their order flow and business. Any positive impact of unsolicited commercial communication regulation would force advertisers to find another medium to reach out to consumer base. With the growing adoption of Application among Indian medium to high end smartphone users, Mobile marketing business is going to be redirected to Mobile advertisement based marketing. In my earlier post, I mentioned about Mobile based advertisement market size of INR 230 Cr but I can see that $ Bn’s opportunity is waiting for the smart companies to capture.

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