Window Mobile OS crossed 10% market share in Italy during April ending 2013

At last good news started flowing in for Windows Mobile Operating System ( WM 8.0) .According to ComTech report on Mobile OS market share, WM 8.0 managed to cross 10% mark and settled at 10.5% ending April 2013. WM8.0 achieved 57% YoY growth. Android also extended its share from 47.9% to 66.7% YoY. Symbian market share came down from 15.8% to 3.5% whereas iOS market share came down from 22.2% to 16.6%. The April ending numbers clearly indicate the growing interest demonstrated by consumer towards WM 8.0. Since, more than 65% WM8.0 are Nokia branded and also indicate that on supported mobile operating system support level their market share went down. As per Nokia strategy to phase out Symbian and adopt WM8.0 or upgrades with long term vision to touch 10% of mobile operating system market share may act as small but first success towards achieving their global goal. The good 37% YoY growth of Android in Italy mobile operating system segment and slow but steady adoption of WM8.0 may act as trend setter for local application developers

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