Android Mobile OS & Challenges for Ecosystem Players


Android Mobile OS promoted by Google experienced phenomenal growth. The growth of open ended Mobile OS with many innovative features positioned Android Mobile OS as the most preferred Mobile OS for application development. The rise of Android led to the fall of Symbian Mobile OS and quickly recaptured market share from Symbian. The adoption was so fast and dynamic that the competitor OS such as Symbian failed to release new versions to match with competitor. This led to Nokia decision to scrap future device development on Symbian and select Windows Mobile OS as their future product line up mobile OS. The disruption in the competitor camp allowed Android to attract most of the Symbian developer community towards Android developer community. The unprecedented market share and supported device growth attracted all major Application development firm to turn the focus on Android to make maximum profit out it. It also attracted many smaller developer communities to cash in the open development framework and monetization mechanism by hosting application on multiple Applications hubs. Globally there are more than 500 Apps Hub platform offering hosting of applications. The major challenges’ currently facing by Android is to maintain the application quality and certification management. It’s a common perception that the application hub providers are going to redo application testing to check its compatibility, inoperability and portability with respect to device, data, security and internal format as per the Android Mobile OS guideline. Some time, it is being overlooked given the applications hosting demand. According to Juniper Network report, 92% of the all the malicious applications are designed using Android and it poses great danger to device as well as user information. The many applications users are not tech savvy to identify hidden threat to their device and data. They are also not aware that it can be resolved by downloading patch on regular basis. Given the growth dynamics of Android and huge applications, content, contextual and collaboration ecosystem around it, it is important to have more stringent guideline to host any applications by application developer to not only safeguards but at the same time also protecting sensitive data going to hackers.

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