Google Premium Smartphone Moto X Launch – Focusing on US Market


Google is expected to launch its first Moto series smartphone post-closing Motorola acquisition. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside commented that Google is going to focus on premium smartphone market by offering innovative features such as sensor and contextual pattern analysis cum delivery. Google is planning to launch multiple Moto branded Smartphones in next 6 months to capture niche premium segment. The new Texas based manufacturing facilities which is going to generate more than 2000 jobs in US will be assembling Moto series of Smartphone. It would be interesting to see the cascading impact on Google Android platform major supporter Samsung who is struggling to maintain the same level of growth post slow S4 adoption momentum. Being the central magnet of Android ecosystem, any misstep by Google on pushing MotoX w.r.t other partner’s branded Smartphone may create cracks. One may expect huge advertisement push by Google anyway. Google strategy to create hugely successful OS ecosystem and at the same time using innovation to differentiate itself from others is remarkable.

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