Chinese Device Manufacturer Support is Must for Any Mobile OS Higher Adoption


According to reports from IDC, Canalys; The Q2, 2013 global Smartphone shipment witnessed 9.3% QoQ growth and reached 236.4 Mn. It represents whopping 51.3% YoY growth. The higher adoption of Smartphone devices truly offer indirect strength of Chinese manufacturing dynamics in rolling out cheap Smartphone while matching global powerhouse on Product feature side. According to Canalys, Chinese local player contributed 20% of the total Smartphone shipment are ignored by the print media and focus was on Samsung and Apple around their market share gain and loss. In my point of view, these local turned global Smartphone players are helping Android Mobile OS market share gain. As China offer great opportunity for global players to increase their volume but given the competitive product positioning of local Smartphone, it would be interesting to observe moves by other mobile OS such as BB10 and WM. Both WM and BB is reeling under tremendous pressure to increase their make share but only managed sub 5% market share slab. It is evident that the shift of Chinese device manufacturing hub support may make or break any mobile os adoption given their huge market size.

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