Apple Unique Differentiation – Offer Connected Device and Service Play


The recent launch of Apple 5C and 5S generated buzz around price points and their focus on maintaining niche market share rather than focusing on mass market segment. Print media came out strongly in criticizing Apple for their move and analyst gave negative comment by lowering Apple share price targets. On a contrary, Apple playing very interesting move by creating connected device play and offering one point solution to its consumer and prosumer’s which is also supported with certifications including security. Apple new device support of 13 LTE band with 8 & 40 hours of video and audio playback is far better than competitor environments and may offer unique experience to user while on move. Apple move to support multiple LTE band is to keep on targeting data hungry consumer who is willing to shell out more money to have higher quality experience. The integrated Control and Notification center with supported Multitasking capabilities calibrates effective utilization of device resource. The other supported applications such as iTune, iMovie, pages, Numbers, Keynote and free iRadio offer consumer and prosumer’s one stop solution. The porting and interoperability of all Apple devices w.r.t content, context, commerce, communications is enabling Apple to maintain consumer or prosumer’s commitment towards them which competitors failed to maintain. As against analyst and consumer expectation of very innovative iPhone launch, Apple went for iOS7 integration to offer differentiated value proposition to keep on minting high revenue from attached music, video, application segment. It is expected with the launch of “KitKat” version of Android by Google and rampup of new OS version based device may force Apple to refine their device form factors to offer innovative experience to their consumer but as of now they are following the footstep Motorola with Razor phone range.

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