Indian Healthcare Segment Offer’s Unmatched Opportunities


It’s a delight to get the trust of Technology Veterans like Mr.Vinod Khosla, the Co-Founder of Sun Microsystem and now Venture Capitalist with interest in green energy. In the last few years India lost bit of ground against peers as investment destination due to systematic problems attached with different segment of decision making hierarchy. India already demonstrated its core capabilities in multiple technological segments and Indian are one of the most successful innovative minds. Indian government in last few years focused on connected e-governance and Aadhaar initiative attracted and achieved vision of offering identity to every citizen of India. In similar lines, India need heavy investment in the healthcare system attached with social security. Any investment for long term in Indian Healthcare segment may give very high return compared to other sectors. With higher adoption of Smartphone and extensive undergoing development of data network would act as add on for both healthcare service providers and clients. The wireless applications or product or service should be tuned up in the form of healthcare mobility solution to increase higher awareness around health. The current healthcare system access through wireless network and available technological solution is in nascent stage. Any early mover willing to invest in healthcare infrastructure and attaching its infrastructure with wireless network to implement MACD is going to be well accepted by end users. It is observed that current paper defined contents can easily be ported to wireless device and stored on multiple location and in-turn develop virtual access management without any fear of losing information. It is true that, it is going to increase cost of healthcare for end user but at the same time, it would bring immense simplicity in handling and accessing details of all health related background on the fly. In my point of view, Aadhaar id should be used as leg one to attach it with healthcare customer management system instead of current healthcare service providers offering of unique id to each end user. In that scenario, if end user visits multiple healthcare units, the end user end ups accumulating multiple paper’s and fails to update healthcare specialist around problem statement and subsequent action. The attachment of healthcare network with e-Governance platform using wireless network would ease the access mechanism and would bring in more value proposition for ecosystem players

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