Microsoft May Attempt to Enhance its Search Market Share and Ad Network Growth


In the last 5 years, Microsoft is trying hard to position itself as strong competitor of Google in the search and advertisement segment for both Web and WAP level. The failed attempt of acquiring Yahoo, write down of $6.2 aQuantive advertising service are some of the example of Microsoft attempt and reattempt to position itself. Post Yahoo failure, they collaborated with Yahoo on search segment in order to develop alternative to Google. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the explosive growth of Android apps market place and OS adoption positioned Google undisputed king of device based default search engine as well as created very robust ad services offering huge reward to application developer to earn extra money.

The Nokia collaboration turned out to be market research for Microsoft in order to position itself as alternative search and ad network in the Mobile segment. The continuous struggle by Microsoft and huge revenue opportunity from Search engine and Ad network segment propelled Microsoft to buy out Nokia user base as potential Bing Userbase. There is strong probability that Microsoft would lure Technology Titans like HP, Dell to use its WM and create connected device environment and also offer porting and interoperability of Mobile and Web based application. Any successful outcome will create quick and effective return of Microsoft with higher probability of sustained competitive environment this time around.

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