Skilled Resources Time Management – Key KPI of Professional Success


One important aspect of increasing productivity of skilled workers is to make the best utilization of their time. Managing ones time is very important part of professional life. It is observed that knowledge workers most of the time engage themselves in the tasks that are not so required to do by themselves but can be delegated to others. However, skilled or knowledge workers keep on doing such tasks to make themselves busy. It also gives them a feeling of importance, but their best utilization and growth lies in the fact that they spend their time consciously. Skilled or knowledge workers should identify their tasks as important and not so important tasks to themselves or their firm. Identify the tasks that can be allocated into queue or can be delegated to team members. Research has revealed that low value tasks can be categorized into (a) quick kills – tasks that can immediately stopped with no ill effect, (b) offload opportunities – tasks that can be delegated to others with minimal effort, (c) long term redesign – tasks that can be restructured. At the end, priorities must refine and define to do list

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