Apple iPad Air & Mini Launch May Act as Spoiler of Nokia Tablet Move


Apple timed product launch is nothing but a classic strategic move. Nokia was rumoured to launch their first and last Tablet before its device division goes in Microsoft fold. Nokia in Abu Dhabi launched its first Lumia 2520 Tablet supporting 10.1 screen, 2.2GHZ quad processor, power keyboard runs on Window RT 8.1 operating system. Nokia integrated their HERE application and focussed on photo sharing feature set. Apple also came out strongly with extra ordinary enhancement of their product with thinner and low weight iPad Air which support 9.7 inch screen, 4th generation processor, free productivity and media apps priced at $499 (Lowest model). Apple also offered holiday gift by revamping iPad mini with Retina to convert the feel of 7.9 inch to 9.7 inch. Interestingly, iPad mini will be sold at $399 whereas promised last year iPad mini at $299. Given the tried and testing product line as well as availability Apple ecosystem of iTune, iRadio, iCloud and its store makes Apple move unbeatable. Nokia also priced their first Tablet price at $499 and it would be long before they will slash their Tablet price. As holiday season round the corner, Apple new offering on devices and Tablet is going to be must have gadget for most of gadget lover. As Apple 5C and 5S is already breaking all records, it would be interesting to see if Apple would be able to fulfil expected explosive demand from customers. I am sure that Nokia will make all attempts to make sure that their Tablet gets roaring acceptance from customer but also fear that with kind of offering Apple is offering, it would not be wrong to say that Apple spoiled Nokia party before it started. One should not be surprised if Nokia take big write off for their first Tablet. Still hope for the best.

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