Apple May Further Gain US Smartphone Market Share during Holiday Season Quarter


Apple launch of 5C and 5S received thumbs up by consumers and prosumer’s. The phenomenal orders of 9 million devices as well as rush for Apple devices especially golden colour even surprised Apple. It prompted Apple to open online order to capture competitor loyalist customer base. By the end of Sept 2013, Apple captured 39% US Smartphone market and achieved 130% MoM growth whereas Samsung managed to achieve only 29% of the market share which is 22% MoM de-growth. As holiday season round the corner and considered as gadget boom time for all player may bring huge traffic to Apple retail and online space. With the revamp of iPad mini and new iPad Air is going to help Apple attract high net worth customer and would enable them to make maximum traffic and successful conversion rate for one or another product. The nearest competitor of Apple, Samsung is also gearing for Holiday season with Note and Galaxy 4 as well as wearable gadget but all those products are in the market and experienced slow uptake. Apple 5C and 5S is currently in the top 3 selling device in US market which is always considered as KPI’s for any successful or failed launch of product. The other players such as Motorola Mobility and LG also experienced market share loss in sept2013 and may experience the same in coming few quarter. I strongly believe that upcoming holiday season sales of Apple would bring cheer for Apple investors. I would not be surprised, if Apple crosses 50% Smartphone market share at the end of holiday season quarter.

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