Apple – Symbol of Calibrated Innovation


The late entrant in mobile device ecosystem keeps on sending shock waves to competitor twice in a year. Apple had turbulent time starting April 2013 when they started observing continuous fall in their Smartphone market share. As per counter point, Apple market share skidded from 34% in April 2013 to 17% in August 2013 whereas Samsung share managed to increase their market share to 37% to the total Smartphone market share. The other players such as Motorola Mobility, HTC, Nokia and LG tried to steal the show from each other. Most of the analyst started talking the downwards potential of Apple innovation innovations and subsequently the power of competing with born rivals. It is human nature that everyone talks about leaders and that what happened with Samsung. It is really surprising that many missed the inner ecosystem strength of Apple devices. Apple exactly did the same by calibrating the ecosystem and correlated their specification to map the features of 5C and 5S with the ecosystem hosted value added services to offer unique differentiated value proposition to customer. I failed to see any such ecosystem environment from Apple competitors. In my point of view, if any new Apple user uses iPhone for the first time he falls in love with Apple ecosystem more than Apple devices where competitor lags. It offers Apple to keep on adding loyal customer base. That is the reason that Apple two launches in a year is more than enough to create ripple factor within competitors. Apple focuses on innovation where competitors lag the most to differentiate itself and maintaining the highest level of QoS factor for device and attached service.

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