Blackberry Struck Right Node – Survival Threat for OTT Messaging Players


In recent years, Blackberry struck right node post launching their popular BBM service for Android and iOS operating system. Post multiple delay and technical glitches, BBRY last managed to launch it successfully. Based on early reports, 6 million users are already registered to get the BBM. Once Blackberry recalibrates their delivery infrastructure and opens the platform for consumers as well as prosumer’s then it is highly expected that it is going to break maximum number of download of specific service of multiple stores. Blackberry strategy to monetize non blackberry user base by promoting its secured messenger service may work well for them. As BBM service offer higher level of privacy to end consumers as well as technological superiority of the platform is going to attract many users who is currently using other OTT messaging services. Given the high brand value and proven service, it would be very easy for Blackberry to be the number on messenger service in no time. The launch must be observed very minutely by other successful messaging service providers and BBM may hurt them very hard. It will also give blackberry an opportunity to offer contextual advertisement and other service offering through their messaging service and may command good price point negotiation from publishers. I also believe that Blackberry strategy would be more fruitful and may sail them through the difficult transition. Most importantly, it will act as major valuation part in their overall valuation game when it comes to situation where Blackberry decides to sell themselves. Good news for Blackberry investors

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