Closing doors even before it is adequately opened – Challenges with Smart IT adoption - By Ritanshu Saxena


India current 65% population age is less than 35 years. It inflicted agility; experimentation behaviour and hunger for innovative technology centric product adoption which is enhancing awareness across society. India is home of 8 million plus SMB and major contributor to jobs opportunities for young professional vying for success. SMB contributes 45% of India export and around 70% of outsourcing jobs. The above dynamics of India indicates that SMB IT adoption practices must be flawless to spread cutting edge technology to young professionals as well as utilize it for the best interest of organization. The IT process adoption by SMB may help professional to bring in innovation and thus in turn create patented product line and help SMB to convert them from narrowband vision to global vision. US bay area is an excellent example of the same. The self-proclaimed CXO’s of home grown business termed as Indian SMB prefers to use localized IT infrastructure which is easily available from Local System Integrator who uses high configuration based desktop as servers in order to run local ERP’s. The mindset of self-proclaimed CXO’s runs around ROI’s by investing minimum capex for the project and inturn neglect the major unseen hurdles on opex. In these IT implementation process, home grown SMB misses the security aspect of their so called out of box excellent solution and puts themselves in higher probability of security breaches or hacking. Interestingly, in all the SMB misses the critical aspect of patch management and due to localized version of most of the IT infrastructure, their under skilled resources faces hurdles during operation and management while executing patch management to plug the unplugged holes of the IT infrastructure. On top of that they neglect on the resource skillset, training and retraining which is impacting most of the young professional aspiring to grow with these SMB

I have observed this practice in several SMB clusters (Faridabad, Surat, Bhilwara , etc ) which eventually result in building a perception that limited or no advantage is gained by self-proclaimed CXO’s in IT adoption. This is alarming… we are closing doors even before they are adequately opened. The Indian government must offer tax breaks for SMB’s who is willing to invest in authenticated IT infrastructure and in turn helping Young Professional prosper. At the end it will be process of new India buildup

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