Indian Wireless MVAS Activation Experiencing Negative Growth – No Place To Hide


Indian MVAS sector experienced major roadblock post MVAS regulation enforcement by TRAI. The purpose of TRAI was to control MVAS centric complaint. The growth of MVAS attracted many service providers to launch slew of MVAS products with loosely coupled consumer management. The lack of QoS attached with product monitoring on the delivery, billing, activation and deactivation pushed consumer and prosumer initiated complaint against service providers for billing and deactivation issues. The MVAS regulation enforcement started impacting MVAS revenue and in FY 12-13, Indian wireless operator experienced MVAS revenue share going down from by 2% point. The second wave of amendment by TRAI which included double consent and subsequent enforcement of the same drastically impacted MVAS service activation. As per TRAI report, MVAS activation falls down from monthly 69million in June 2013 to 29.8 & 27.65 million in July & Aug, 2013 respectively. The unprecedented MoM fall of MVAS activation de-growth of 58% & 7% respectively indicate nothing but serious danger poised to explode. It is evident that Indian wireless operator for just concluded July-Sept 2013 will experience huge fall in MVAS revenue and thus low or nil overall revenue growth. In my point of view, the MVAS solution providers must focus on innovation vs. replication to offer cost effective product line ups.

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