New Threat for Messaging OTT Player’s


The phenomenal growth of messaging OTT player’s raised eyebrows of many. In the last two years, Whatsapp, Line, WeChat attracted millions of user through multiple integrated voice and data features. The wireless operators observed huge drop in SMS traffic as well as SMS attached services. The launch of messaging application attached voice services turned out to be big hit among price sensitive mobility users. In due course, wireless operators tried to stem the revenue loss from other value added service but with global downturn, the expected adoption of new service met with low growth oriented product. In order to offer stickiness service, many wireless operators’s started their own messaging service. Recently Sprint launched its Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging application compatible with Android and iOS to stem encroachment of its user’s by other players. The application includes Text, IM, Video Chat and Group Chat for geographies like US, Canada and Mexico. The strategy is to exploit network attached subscriber contextual pattern to generate real and non real time centric product revenue. Similarly, China mobile, Unicom, T-Mobile and Telephonica launched its own or partnered product to push other value added service through messaging application to its esteemed user base. It would be interesting to observe the moves by OTT player’s to mitigate threats from wireless operator with similar feature set

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