Oracle - Master of Seamless Integration & Execution


In current Technological world most of the talks are centred around mobility and associated application. Most of the Technology companies roadmap carries mobility as major strategy. In dynamic environment of Technological shift Oracle is refining their strategy through slew of acquisition around cloud based services and trying to translate themselves as dynamic solution provider of ICT sectors. They calibrated their move to target customer base in CPE and Cloud model by offering both onetime as well license model. Recently they collaborated with Microsoft, Salesforce to enhance their single solution provider capabilities. Oracle claim during their Quarterly result conference call that they will not be doing more acquisition but Oracle unpredictable aggressive CEO suddenly opens his wallet and surprise competitor. Oracle again went for Big Machine acquisition to give more flavour to its Cloud offerings for Enterprise. It is very interesting that they do acquire organization and in no time implement process oriented monetization of acquired organization product line by mapping acquired product with hundreds of other acquired product. With every passing quarter, their capabilities to win customer from competitors are increasing and in turn forcing competitors to match their acquisition to in turn put their competitor in integration activities rather than sales activities. With current valuation of just over $150 Bn and yearly cash flow of $12bn, it gives Oracle enough muscle power to take on competitors and also makes it very attractive investment opportunity. In my point of view, Oracle would be most attractive investment opportunity post US and Europe economic environment moves on to growth trajectory.

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