Jolla Smartphone – Finnish Innovation bound to be Successful

Nokia decision of adoption of Microsoft mobile OS as default mobile operating system for Nokia Smartphone instead of Android brought many surprises. The crude shock came as thousands of job losses and losing out of midas understanding of consumer adoption. Repeated restructuring, scrapping innovative project in favor of closed Microsoft operating system turned Nokia into small smoke ball bound to burst and that happened recently when Microsoft decided to acquire Nokia to fulfill their dream of cracking into search and mobile advertisement market segment where they are struggling to maximum level

The restructuring at Nokia offered likeminded Finland based ex Nokia employee to be in their work DNA and offer innovative device to consumers. It is another crude reality for scandavian people to let go iconic brand based device to International players and they are feeling vacuum in the space.
Jolla Smartphone which is based on MeeGo OS extension codenamed Sailfish with many dynamic applications, UI definition. The true differentiation is device design with inbuilt gesture based feature set also supported with drag and drop UI development. Interestingly the most differentiating stickiness of the product is cross OS application support. Any user can use Jolla Smartphone for both Sailfish and Android based applications. The innovative approach and implementation of cross mobile OS based application support created huge opportunity of Jolla to be adopted by end consumers and mitigated any threat of low adoption by users. It’s an excellent example not repeating past problem.

Company successfully secured Euro 200 million in funding and also successfully fully booked its order book from 136 countries. The huge focus on multi platform OS based application support to attract thread developers to create applications for both the mobile OS as well as attract Chinese based ODM into their manufacturing fold.

Once Jolla successfully demonstrate their unique design and attached volume then it would not be long before major chipset, ODM will queue to support new OS. Interestingly, Jolla will fill up emotional disconnect which scandavian citizen where feeling post acquisition of Nokia and given the population and teledensity, one should not be surprised if Jolla received overwhelming adoption in Europe in the beginning. It would be too early to predict as serious contender for third position in mobile os segment but one must not be shocked if it happened in next one year given their truly innovative approach of support all and move up in the ladder.

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