Adoption Pattern Analytics Are Driving Few Application Companies Valuation


As all must be aware that WhatsApp or any other messaging Apps are not free or nominal fee post one year should not be considered as low cost but being a user, you are generating Hundreds of $ for messaging and other apps. All users know that it’s mandatory for user to provide their information before getting the full fledged Applications or messaging applications.

Indian users generally opt for such services or product which is free with a perception that “if I don’t like then will delete the specific Application”. These Applications developers are in the business of collecting contextual data and offer additional services or do collaboration with other companies to cash down the collected contextual data.

More interesting, many of such companies don’t have any understanding about Indian user ecosystem but interested in just collecting data and to some extent violating Indian regulation. It is correct that such Applications companies may get high valuation because of user information instead of Application features. Recent rush of e-Retailer and brands looking for targeting marketing added fuel.

One should not be surprised that by July 2014, many Application providers offering free services and in the business of collecting contextual information would look for shelter. Many investors would also be facing risk of losing their investment.

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