Blackberry Played Differentiation Card During MWC –Threat For Competing Messaging Apps


The WhatsApp acquisition by FB created buzz among messaging application marketplace. Deal highlighted the hidden revenue spinner among investors. The major takeaway of deal was the potential threats of revenue dry down for Service Provider from SMS service as well as government losing millions of $ under differ multiple revenue sharing agreement with operator. Deal brought back the focus on Blackberry BBM service and their announcement of being compatible with Nokia X product.

BBM CEO wasted no time in hitting the right chord within its strong hold Enterprise and Government sector. The BBM services during MWC were projected as secure communications service focused towards compartmentalisation of consumer and prosumer segmentation. The classic presentation of work and home segregation again brought up the strong proposition of BYMS ( Bring your messaging service) within work environment which fulfill the law of land.

The continuous support of Blackberry and its strong Technological platform clearly demarked Blackberry from rival messaging services where it’s next to impossible to claim that its fully compliant to regulatory environment whereas Blackberry is claiming the same.

Most of the messaging apps are focusing in cross selling one or another services or products to applications user and collecting the contextual details of the user. On a contrary BBM is projecting that their service is nothing but work space with the flexibility to use it in the personal space. As against the rival Blackberry is focusing in acquiring high worth prosumer and creating an environment of recurring revenue stream which would definitely fetch higher subscription fee. It is widely expected that Blackberry is going to put the subscription fee per month which will also carry premium features to its prosumer user base through Enterprise customer base. It is going to create the messaging service supported with inapp purchase which is widely popular in gaming industry.

The inclusion of BBM with Nokia X series is going to give BBM wider reach coupled with other agreement with global Device OEM’s. In my point of view that in near future Blackberry CEO strategic maneuver in the Enterprise segment is going to force Samsung to also support BBM in their device along with their home grown chat service.

In my point of view, the dynamic nature of industry will sooner than later embrace BBM as secure communication medium in order to reduce the potential electronic and digital security threat. The recent comments came from regulators to government that the next wave of ICT regulation would be focused in secure communications. As, I have been writing in my blog that Investment in Blackberry may turn out to be profit trailer machine.

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