Why Indian Education System and Student Struggle


In recent years India experience huge surge in Educational Institution. The dynamics changed post the surge in India IT supremacy and that led to many opportunistic investor to open college under the pretext of Trust or NGO. It enabled them to get the land allocation as well as other approval from the respective local and central authority in No time. The huge compensation package offered these days by IT firms attracted young generation to opt for technical college.

The phenomenal growth infact turned as trap for young aspiring student who wants to excel in their life. It offered Educational Organization to offer quick entry to those professionals at very high entry fee. The entry of students in such non recognized college acts as beginning of struggle in their professional life. These aspirants parents in many cases sells all their properties in a visualization that their son/daughters are getting right set of mentoring, knowledge transfer and inturn would act as backbone in future.

I must admit over here that not all colleges are bad but it is also true that majority of them donot adhere the vision of skill set enhancement instead of that focus on monetary part of it. For each activity there are additional cost attached and in that scenario a simple points pops up in my mind that – why they are taking thousands of INR per semester fee from students.

In contrast, the level of knowledge transfer barring top notch college is in dire situation. The lecturers are not well versed with the latest technologies making news, research activities, and industrial requirement. It is really interesting that on raising such points the answer comes really funny that we are overloaded to number of lecturers, needs to complete syllabus and last resort is even more surprising and that is “ We are not allowed by the college management”.

I would like to ask few queries from Indian Students and those are as follows

  1. Do anyone knows what is the mechanism of “ Problem Based Learning”
  2. Do anyone knows the mechanism of problem statement process.
  3. Do anyone knows what all big companies are doing and why they are successful.
  4. What was the reason that you took one or another stream.
  5. Are you happy with the current knowledge transfer skillset in your college.
  6. Do you get constant update by your Professor regarding ongoing activities in regulatory environments.
  7. Do anyone of you ever been told during skillset development that how one should prepare their professional life.
  8. How many of you been trained during studies in presentation, communications and team management.

I can go on and on and list 1000 of queries as I also went through these problems 25 years back when I was student. It is surprising that the situation remains the same.

The above negligence by the educational institution act as malware in their knowledge set which keeps on denting young professional throughout their professional life. In India, the recent downturn clearly demonstrated the Good AC fitting Educational Institution is nothing but a movie theatre and when Student comes out in professional arena they realize that their education period was nothing but virtual world. Still it’s not too late and Educational Institution should adopt proactive approach in hiring Industry veterans also to transfer real world based learning program supported with cutting edge innovation knowledge transfer. For students, they should focus on in learning new technologies, focuses on Industry trend they want to move in, presentation and communications skill. Without above, the new generation of students will face stiff challenge to prosper in professional life. I also would like to thank Mr.Sagar Gupta for his contribution in accumulating information w.r.t student’s pain points.

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