Mantra To Be Successful In Indian Application Market

The recently loved domain of Telecom industry is Applications post exponential growth in Smartphone. The ongoing and projected growth story around Smartphone created lots of optimism among Applications providers to cash in after you approach.

Some of the Applications providers instantly achieved good traction and number of Applications are being pushed towards mobile users. Interestingly, the surge in Smartphone growth pushed most of the companies started realising the value of mobility user and jumped in bandwagon to offer Application to capture additional customer stickiness and any opportunity to generate revenue.

Many companies as well as Applications developers rushed to capture consumer base without focusing on the basics. Most of the companies based on my opinion post reviewing many Applications missed to

  • Understand Indian Regulation
  • Understand their Do’ and Don’t w.r.t user information
  • Understand the logic of Terms and Conditions
  • Understand the Security regulation of India and its importance
  • Protect Consumer and Prosumer personal information
  • Understand Indian regulation on Infrastructure hosting to offer Applications or its associated services to consumer or prosumers
  • Understand to respect Private and privacy policy of India
  • Understand consumer and prosumer requirement
  • Understand consumer usage pattern
  • Understand consumer paying pattern
  • Understand consumer preference management
  • And Many More

Most of the companies only focused to collect contextual information and focused in monetizing the same. The business environment would be totally different if Applications providers will start focusing on above mentioned point. The implementation of above would be time taking and require cross segment expertise both in technical and business to map and evaluate conflict analysis.
I strongly believe that post recent initiative by TRAI and other regulatory bodies situated in MHA, FM would come up with regulatory mechanism which is going to increase Applications offer very expensive but would automatically clean many organization offering Applications by violating Land of Law in and out.

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