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In India, more than 90% of children get admitted into primary schools but in due course 40% of them opt out due to multiple social thresholds and financial problems. The education system of India in turn supports only 54% children and enables them the ladder to achieve literacy but this 54% comprises of only 34% girls & 54% boys.

The dismal figure exists even after the government is spending 3% of its GDP as well as charging education cess from taxpayers to promote education among households which cannot afford to send their kids to schools. The figure itself raises multiple queries around Indian education system and it’s hierarchy of achieving right to education law passed by law of land. Some of the basic but non avoidable systems are not being taken care off and they are:

  • Non availability of basic hygiene.
  • Very Low to Non Existent Infrastructure especially in rural India.
  • Lack of Qualified Instructors and Non-Availability of funds for Upgrading the Mechanism of Information Transfer To Students.
  • The Focus on students is minimal as the Average Teacher :: Student Ratio is around 1:40 and in some of the non developed states it goes as low as 1:80.
  • Lack of focus by school authorities to offer indirect intelligence enhancement tools to students to increase their IQ factor.
  • Lack of promotions by government authorities to procure latest hardware and software to make students well versed with the same.

In order to solve the above problems, Government promoted private sectors to open School and Colleges to increase the literacy at all levels but it backfired as private sectors always look to open such centers in locations which carry capital benefits and this forced me to believe that creating a few more schools or allowing hundreds of colleges and private universities to mushroom is not going to solve the crisis of education in India. Education system in India is failing because of more intrinsic reasons.

The core issue of Indian education system lies in teaching methodologies and missing link of knowledge transfer at every level as opposed to teaching skills. The difference between Indian education system compared with that of developed countries revolves around memorizing vs practical based learning wherein developed countries focus on the latter part.

In any scenario, if the government and also the citizen of India would like to have a better future then Indian education system must be overhauled from root with major focus on achieving end product instead of announcing programs and subsidy.

It’s always easy for everyone to raise questions but what exactly being citizens of India are we doing for our potential future as well as generation? Here are some of the recommendations I am proposing which I am following as well in order to contribute towards my homeland

  • Funding one child’s education in one’s neighborhood such as the driver’s, maid’s or anyone’s kid. In India, there are 43 million taxpayers and if even 50% of the taxpayers opt for the same then more than 20 Mn children will get education and in future will turn out to be major contributors. The individual opting for such activities can be promoted with tax breaks.
  • There are more than 7.5 Mn SMB/SME in India and they should come forward and fund 10 students’ education and in turn get tax breaks from government. It will simply put more than 70 plus million children back to school.
  • It is being observed that many Indians are opting for gadget exchange program to buy new gadgets. It is advisable that one should also try to gift the same to children who need the same to increase awareness about new technologies.
  • Its widely known that many NGOs are involved which get government funds to increase benefits of education in remote rural India but it must be tagged with commitment vs. delivery model.
  • It is also advisable that Public school students must be allowed to access Private school labs and other infrastructure which inturn will convert Indian education system into Common schooling with no disparity among masses and classes.
  • And many more suggestions can be given but I believe that if all of us start taking the first step then the major change will come automatically.
Although India has already shown its skills in ITIL sector but it must adopt the changing environment around the world in order to be competitive and for that all of us must focus towards giving the right approach to society. One can earn millions but satisfaction really comes when one does something which brings cheers on many faces. Just imagine if we can make one kid successful it is going to bring happiness and prosperity to the whole family. The initiative is not only going to improve the literacy but also bring out millions of Indians out of poverty. This is the time to make the move. So together let’s begin.

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