India Media Companies Should Be Careful In Selling Airtime For Alternative Medicine Advertisement - Why Government Is Sleeping

It's a known fact by now that Indian Media companies are so powerful that they can drive any burning issue into a situation where even governments are enforced to take an action. Many media houses talks about the safety of kids to elder's and latest one is Bread saga an earlier it was Maggi Noodle. All media houses made those findings as breaking news and it was all over media over more than one month. I really appreciate the media inclusion for the betterment and communication with citizens and airing it to rest and many times even government swings into actions.

Here i would like to highlight that post the health ministry ban on multiple medicines given the side effect and end results are very effective and observed it on ground level. In case any user goes to medicine shop even with valid prescription but the advice date expired then medicine shop owner refuses to give medicine irrespective of one's relationship with medicine shop owner.

I would like to highlight that there are many alternative medicine promotion is happening on Indian TV media where known personalities from TV and Bollywood is promoting those product. For an example; using herbal paste will remove all the bone problem. Another one is astrological and on calling those numbers, they try to lure customer base; another one is for cancer; another one is for beauty; another one is for weight loss. More importantly, I was surprised to see the price list of such medicine. I failed to understand what media houses are doing to generate revenue. One side they take up all burning issues for the protection of citizen and on the other side exposing the citizen to unauthenticated or verified product line. I would like to ask who gave such herbal companies the certification to market their product. In a country where more than 25% of citizens are under poverty line, media should be sensitive enough and should compromise their revenue for the sake of their userbase.

If the alternative herbal motivation can help reducing the cost of treatment with guarantee, That i suggest government to close all hospital in india.

It's my personal view and will be happy to see the comment from media houses.

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