The Definition Of Good School In India - Dreams Vs Reality


Being one of the most populated countries and major population falls under kids and youngster group; it is important for Indian Parents to be very sensitive about their kid’s education. Indian Students and Professionals are in news across different geographies and leading most prestigious universities, research institute, companies and government sector. It prompt simple queries in everyone mind the followings.
  1. Should we think that all that happened because of the unmatched education system in India?
  2. How parents manage their kids to excel in their studies?
  3. As the fundamental of Indian Students are one of the best but does that come from education system or from the approach and extra effort from Students and Parents combination.
For Kids, there are many so called good schools and the unique selling points of such good schools are the followings:

  1. We have Air-conditioned School Building.
  2. We have Air-conditioned Transportation system.
  3. We engage kids through Extra curriculum activities.
  4. Our teachers are well trained to handle kids.
  5. We do proper assessment of Kids progress every week or monthly and give the feedback to parents.
  6. We are open to feedback's from parents about teacher’s and if our internal assessment panel approve then we take corrective measure.
  7. We give lots of homework to kids. When i am talking about kids I am referring to kids till standard 4th.
  8. We enable kids to learn things faster through pictorial manner.
  9. We teach kids to perform on stage to make them vocal.
  10. We are there for parents and kids.
  11. Our Kids got 95% in their board.
  12. We are very stringent to maintain the discipline and that's why we keep school open even though there are floods, heat waves etc until unless we receive orders from State or central education ministry.

Expectation Vs Reality

Wow, all good points and parents are impressed that they will be sending their kids to one of best school around and kids will be learning fast in competitive Indian environment. Then comes the real shocker for parents and they are.
  1. Parents must be liable to pay around $500 to $600 per quarter as tuition fee depending upon the quality of building, building floor specific to private school.
  2. Good school categorization is dependent on the increment of tuition fee per annum just like increment in Industry to beat out inflation and increment of salaries.
  3. Hiring of teacher's paid in the range of $200 to $ 500 range in case of top quality.
  4. Asking parents to buy books and clothes from their designated stores and even with the high prices; quality and standard of both uniforms and books are low.
  5. Every alternative day asking kids to bring $2 to $5 stuff for one or the other activities.
  6. Giving loads of home work on daily basis and in holidays which include Model creation.
  7. Taking kids for the ride which parents come to know through the kids.
  8. Parents specifically ask teacher not to be physical with the kids but at the same time to be strict with kids.
  9. We believe in Bookish knowledge transfer.
  10.  And many more.

Great thought process of School where parents don't have a choice but to follow school instruction as complaints from parents are generally unheard off with an assurance that they will be considered. To be honest, the current schooling system in private segment is following one of the most pathetic mechanisms where the focus is on monetization in the name of building future of kids.

The realities of so called Good Schools are as follows:

  1. Only low single digits of population of India pay income tax and cannot afford to pay such tuition fee. Government should make it mandatory for Private school not to take any tuition fee from those parents who are paying Income tax.
  2. School must be aware of the fact that kids are not doing their home work like art work and all but its kid’s parent’s responsibility. What should be the focal point of school to make kids learn not their parents.
  3. Why parents are liable to buy books from school designated school.
  4. Do anyone will buy that the hired school teacher are capable enough. Why School is reviewing their performance but it should be the wallet review by parents which must be initiated by school.
  5. When for each and every activity initiated by School attracts additional payout from parents then for what they are taking tuition fee.
  6. If the teacher  are so good then why parents are forced to send their kids for tuition for each and every subjects.
  7. If Private schools are so good then why Training Institutes are prospering in India.
  8. Why parents are forced to get their kids into mugging of content mode instead of practical based.

I was reading very interesting article on LinkedIn “What makes a good school better?"  And thought of sharing the real scenario with the readers and strongly suggest to all readers to share this article if they believe that they are also facing the same issue. It's always easy to claim on paper but it does not mean it’s always correct and we all educated ones should take a stand to raise our concern to safeguard the mental  trauma which kids go through as well as agony parents go through. If we want to reduce the suicide level, depression among kids; we must force school to change their mindset around monetization to socialism.

I request all parents to give their comments along with location to make the initiative as a voice or message for so called school.

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