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Human beings always go through different patches which lead to growth or failure. Many times few setbacks kills the confidence of any human and they start believing that they cannot do anything and start doubting their capabilities. Being human, we all are always partial while accessing circumstances and are very quick to deflect the reason of failure to someone else whereas intend to take all the credit when success hits our path. The scenario is valid for both Professional and personal life. It's being observed the moment workplace reaches to home it start changing the priority of life on the personal front and subsequent lead to unwarranted environment.

We are living in the world where more than 50% human beings are not satisfied and i am not considering the unskilled labor force.

The unjustified self imposed partial assessment is showing its own impact wherein the problem like Irritable Bowel Syndrome is wide spread problem among professionals. Fortunately, one can overcome the same and attain the path of upside just by doing self healing process. It’s all about confidence you have and the conviction to improve your conviction about your professional as well as personal life.

In my point, One should every day spend minimum 1 hour in a lonely room with coffee or tea or wine or other drink which they like. I propose to all of them that.

1.       Take your drink with light music coupled with dim light.
2.       Sit on your favorite chair or Sofa and face should be towards window so that you should be able to see the sky.
3.      Keep your thought process free from everything.
4.     The process should be executed around 6 or 7 pm once you are back from office.
5.     You should ask yourself first; what you gained today. Analyze that without any partiality. You will find out that you did X, Y, Z to achieve that gain.
a.       Ask yourself How you can do it better.
b.      What are the pointers you should focus in order to achieve that.
c.       Where it will be helpful in enhancing your efficient and effective professional life.
d.      Last but most important, Why someone will accept that and are you open to take the criticism.
6.     Ask yourself, is your gain manipulated. Are your peers trying to take an undue advantage of yourself given your position?
                  7.       Also think, who did criticism of yours and figure out the positives you can learn from that.

In A Similar Way, What You Lost

1.       This section is more important than gain section. Focus on challenges you faced.
2.       Did those challenges come out due to one expertise or due to negligence of one's.
3.       Where is missing link? Why you failed?
4.       What you need to know to reverse that failure.
5.       How you are going to take the steps to know the perquisite so that you can reverse the failure.
6.       Why you should do the above effort? This is one of the question which will haunt you the maximum as you will try to attach it with monetary gain or ego. Please keep both on the sideline while doing the introspection.
7.       Stop pointing out negative and take out the positives from the failure.
8.       Never hesitate to say “Sorry sand Thank you" to anyone. If you don't know something; don't waste time but reach out to people who knows that. They might laugh at you but you should remember that at the end you are improving and  next time no one will get the chance to laugh at you.

In order to be relaxed and gain fighting spirit, Work on your breathing and concentration. The regular practice will make you so strong that you can go to any page of the document by closing your eye and you can pick what's written over there. Important point is how to achieve that and here is the way.

  1. Close your eyes without any thoughts running
  2. On the forehead you will feel blank
  3. Start focusing on your breathing - Going in/out
  4. Keep doing for 5 min to start with and once master then you may extend it gradually
  5. Post Relaxation, for concentration; Light up candle and look at the flame of candle. In the beginning it will be really difficult to focus without any thoughts but if you will continue for few days then you will manage to overcome that.

I would like to highlight that you will get lots of temptation to drop all these activities and your inner thought will propel an idea that all are crap and that is the first indication you should catch that you are on the right path.

The above process of introspection will not only help you to be more polite, sharp and innovative but it will also attract people towards you as your nature towards others will change. If one is undergoing serious economical or job related problem then the first priority is to be calm then only one can think over and find out the solution.

"God only give you problems which can be handled by you".

The above is my point of view and implemented that professionally and personally. This is also to share that it helped me to overcome mental, health and professional problem and more importantly more relaxed and happy human being.

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